Tuesday, November 18, 2014


If you don't hold any regrets in your choice, that means you must've made the right decision

but then....
no matter what you choose,
a person will always continue to imagine the untaken path...

< tonari no kaibutsu-kun />

Monday, November 17, 2014


ada yang mudah dapatkan keputusan~
ada yang perlukan beribu saat untuk dapatkan satu keputusan~

A: nak makan apa?
B: *fikir*
selepas beberapa ribu saat.
A: nak makan apa?
B: *fikir*
sambung lag beberapa ribu saat.

hamba yang lemah, yang hina
kembali pada Maha Pencipta, Maha Berkuasa~
minta bantuan dariNya~


Friday, November 14, 2014


There are peoples who can comfort others~
with just a simple stupid "ok"~
with just a short "thank you"~
with just.... "you can"~
with just.... words..

There are those who comforting others while they are in pains~
those who... always comforting others~

i do want to be that person.
the one who people turn to~
instead of me searching for their soft, simple heartwarming words~

but then~
me, being the person who need them is somehow another way of helping them too eh~
hope so.

after all, people need peoples~ hak3~ is it? so be it~


Sometimes, we do have a choice. either to let go or to just.. grab it, hold it closer~
but, whhyyyy and whyyy heart choose the one with thorns around it, ignoring the ones with fluffy kitty~
is it what people says? the one that stupid heart with stupid idiot mind?
heee~ well,, sometimes yes, it is.
but sometimes~ heart not that stupid~ 

sometimes~ heh3~ 50% chances~

annddddd~ i'm like idiotic bubbling machine with no point here~ hahaha~

Last. when we dont know what should we do, and we often dont know what should we do~
(credit to alap ^__^)
just back to 'Fitrah'.
back to The Creator, he's the one who can help us~


Well, firstly, this poem?... this poem has nothing to do with me~ ahahhahah
It just that, k, I've found this poem in a story, a nice cute dramatic heartbreaking story~
I could literally cried my eyes, my mouth out~ 
but nahh~ mrs eyes and mrs mouth are safely and happily living at my face~
anddd~ my heart isn't that fragile for loving,romantic,dramatic story~
(except for anime, pardon me~ 0__0)
anddd~ well, do you remember, Romeo?

credit to SamMadison

Do you remember, Romeo?
How it used to feel as if the world revolved around her,
How the sun seemed dim to the wrinkle in her eyes,
Hw her smile was the thing that made you open your eyes each morning.

Remember, Romeo?
How much it hurt when she walked out,
Her parting words like shattered glass,
Marking cuts upon your heart.

Remember, Romeo?
How difficult it is to forget that one last kiss,
How stupid it is to mis the feel of her hand upon yours,
How pathetic every breath feels without her and you wish, you wish, you wish until you bleed.

But do you remember, Romeo?

There are millions of Juliets out there,

There are others who can show you,
That tomorrow's promises remain to be more beautiful than yesterday's shadows

Remember, please, Romeo.
I could be a Juliet too.

Monday, November 10, 2014

belagak baguih

ramai yang baguih~
hati pun mula gelodak gerutu nak jeles~

suma orang baguih~
cuma kadang cara tunjuk baguih tu salah~

eh sat?
tunjuk baguih?

tunjuk baguih dapat apa-apa tak?
Allah bagi apa-apa tak nanti?
kalau ya, silakan.


dulu suka kaler hitam~
kaler yang bawak elemen misteri, sunyi, simple~
background habeh suma kaler hitam~
ada laa bagi coihh sikit kaler lain~
tapi kaler utama mesti hitam.

sekarang, cuba ubah guna kaler cerah~
kaler cerah yang ada hiasan  haluiihhh ja~
kekalkan ke-simple-an background tu~

bila dah guna dua jenih kaler ni~
kaler ja pun~
tapi, besar jugak impak kat mood walaupun kadang tak berapa perasan~
dia macam,

kaler hitam bagi serius, fokus, misteri~
kekonon macam ada aura gelap keliling diri~
kaler cerah bagi rasa tenang, ceria~
betoi rasa berbunga-bunga time guna background cerah(background tu ada bunga~ k~)

kaler ja pun.
benda biasa.
efek luar biasa.

Hari baru,,Hidup baru

saat + saat = minit
minit + minit = jam
jam + jam = hari
hari + hari = hari-hariiiii..

masa tak pernah henti.