Tuesday, March 29, 2016


we both holding on to our own hat.
don't wanna give you mine,
don't wanna give me yours.

guess the game will end when both hats had tattered by time.


forgive and forget. i didn't forgive cause i forgot.
is it okay?

what's okay?

aaaaaa. nothing i guess, forgot already.

Monday, March 14, 2016

keep strong

silently hoping for this and that,
silently wishing for you and them,
silently, desperately wishing for pure selfishness,

may the soul grin with ease.
may pint of jealousy go away.
may negativity run away.

silently praying.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


it's like, *puffff* random thingy flying , swaying hitting this pitiful mind.

In every dream, nope, in most of my dreams, there will be one problem.
Similar problems, or more precisely, a hint.
A hint that sometimes helps in differentiates reality from action-based dreams.
That similar condition (hint) faced during the dream would always put me in trouble.
Reality checks are the secret weapon of those who tend towards spontaneous Dream Initiated Lucid Dreams (DILDs). That's a fancy way of saying: you're dreaming, then you realize you're dreaming. You become lucid.
Lucid Dream. (had just read a little bout it...) If you know you are dreaming, congrats,
with experience and some kind of mental power, we can manipulate our dreams.
Sounds too fantasy eyy... not that I do believe that information,
but it seriously happened multiple timess! and! oh-so-called lucid dream is awesome!

I have experienced flying, throwing kamehameha, parkour, squeezing hard the eyes to teleport, running fast as sonic the hedgehog while bulldozing buildings, ahhhh.. what else... oh,coding first if wanna wake up...

would be nice if everyone realize their hint, become lucid. heh.

Too many things had been given to us, the slave, by The Creator.
Too many little things that sometimes we neglect about, throw it away. 
Too many obvious things given that supposedly make us grateful.
Where do we stand right now?

firstly, someone do something.
then, you feel hurt.
and anger the red (insert inside out anger scream..) control the feeling controller (?).

should you lash out?
screaming hard?
or just keep silent hoping others realize their(or is it yours?) mistakes?

don't feed that emotion. try.

at first, heart may try to burst out, pour its content, so that others can know, kneeling, heartily seeking forgiveness,
well, that feeling is real at that moment.
but, as time passes by, the anger is gone. it should be.

it's normal to feel angry, but it's not if you try to solve everything with raging heart. it isn't.
"you're not in the right mind".

if you feed that anger, diligently yelling, heh, so, what comes out next?
after all the anger release, what will be?
will the loves gone?
will there be love left?
is it worth?

be cool, keep calm, then think.

oh, but sometimes, anger could be a source of successful life... it does... well, sometimes...

.k.malas dah.